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    Here is my most favorite map of all time. It is done by Peter Fenlon of Merp/ICE fame. I can stare at this map for hours and almost always find something cool and new each time I do. If you are having writers block for an adventure for your gaming group, staring and studying at this map will be sure to cure it. The possible adventures that could be placed in this map are near limitless. A great map, inspires and holds one in awe. This Inspires! As cartographers we all aspire to achieve something like this. To me, this map is the pinnacle of Fantasy Cartography. All else pales in comparison. The Mountains are unique, the detail unbelievable, nothing feels like it is cookie cutter, (like so many computer generated maps). The meilu of course is second to none, Middle-earth. Like Tolkien's master work, this is an opus of a lifetime of Fantasy Cartography.

    All bow before the master, Peter Fenlon, Lord of Fantasy Mapping. Behold! The Misty Mountains of Middle-earth!! Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NorthMistys300.jpg 
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