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Thread: Working on Trollhaunt Warrens Map

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    Wip Working on Trollhaunt Warrens Map

    I have been working on a map based on Myrrdrak's (I hope I spelled this correctly) Orcus conversion found on the Wizard's website. I have been creating the map solely in photoshop, but I am completely new to doing things like this and I am not really one of those "artistic types." I followed closely a tutorial I found online and I think the final product of mu work came out pretty nicely. One thing I have been trying to figure out is how to do proper shading to signify either a slope of height change. In the linked map (it is too big to post as an attachment.) I have many rock walls and some raised sections in contrast to the rest of the elevation on the map, particularly at the very top right, where an altar is situated on top of a raised section. How can I get a more realistic feel to these parts? I think the map looks ok as it is, but my inner self keeps telling me I can do better. Any help would be appreciated.

    A quick shoutout to those at the dundjinni forums who have provided some nice texture to work with, and to all texture creators out there in general who make my job a bit easier.

    Also, when I add objects to my image in photoshop, each individual image gets placed on it's own layer, is there an easier way to do this? It is a slow and tedious process.

    Click image for larger version. 

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