I am a Long (Loong) time Dungeon Master / Cartographer / Sociologist / World Designer (Lunatic?). I have recently (within the last two years) started switching from hand drawn pencil sketches to using Photoshop for my DnD props. I have been using photoshop for a long time now, and I've got a pretty decent wacom tablet (5x6); so I am no stranger to using it.

However the work and tutorials here shamed me! I was astounded at the quality of work here. Really stumbling onto this site when looking for 'Mountain tutorials' for photoshop was a godsend.

Here is a couple of regional maps I did for my game world a couple of years ago:

For a long time I'd been itching to put new photoshop skills to work in updating and improving these works (I've grown a lot in two years) so I set about looking around the 'net for good raster cartography tutorials, and found here! Lucky me.

Diving into the wealth of tutorials here, and mixing and matching techniques I've developed/learn on my own. I came up with this in about ten hours of work:

Obviously some of the techniques are straight out of tutorials found here, some is my own hand painted work (I am particularly proud of the ice lake in the north)

I welcome any input. I consider the geography 'finished', barring glaring critiques, and will probably start labeling soon