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Thread: Ruined Stronghold (my 1st digitally created map)

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    Map Ruined Stronghold (my 1st digitally created map)

    Here is a ruined stronghold that I created using GIMP from a black & white sketch in an ancient Dragon Magazine adventure. I liked the concept and decided I wanted something like it.

    The textures and objects are not of my own creation, but were selected from a number of free online resources, so I offer thanks to all the wonderful people out there that produced them.

    One issue I have with this map is how the rubble looks nothing like the walls. The tone and shape of rubble are wrong. However, for some reason I still like the flavor it offers, so I haven't changed it.

    One of my favorite things about this map is the use of a corral texture which I used on much of the floor. It seems to fit well as some sort of unknown lichen growing throughout the stronghold.

    The entrance offers a large number of arrow slits for defense. The upper left corner is intended to be a tower that collapsed as the cliff upon which this stronghold rested eroded. Under the rubble is an entrance to the lower levels of the stronghold. The tents are from an expedition attempting to gain access to the lower levels. I felt this map would be fun for a couple of adventures- one for attacking, another for defending. In the original adventure, there had been an expedition that had been gone too long and word had been received of an orc attack. The orcs also have an interest in what lies beneath the stronghold. The PC's are sent to investigate.

    I hope others can find use for the map. If you do, please leave a reply, so that I know the time I spent on it wasn't wasted just on me.

    BTW... On request, I could also provide a map without tents and many of the objects.

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    Not wasted! Even if none of us share in it, perhaps somebody might find a valuable technique or something to use. I for one, like how you used the bevel to represent the arrow slits. I agree that the coral does make for some interesting lichens.

    I wouldn't worry about the walls vs. the rubble. Maybe the walls had some sort of plaster on them that was broken away when the wall crumbled. I might have thinned the walls a little where there is rubble next to them, but that isn't such a big deal.

    Overall, I like it.

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    The coral also looks a bit like a paper wasp nest, only on the ground. I'm imagining hundreds of large stinging insects emerging to attack the poor souls who try to explore this building.

    Incidentally, I like that it's a transparent png--it can be added to another map without much trouble that way, like an enormous prefab object.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    Never wasted. This is PERFECT for an upcoming encounter.

    I took the liberty of trying to show you what I saw in it. I imagine it would make a marvelous open air market. As it's a ruin but still has stout walls, it might be over-run with ogres .

    So, if I may have your permission..... The 'Market' of Undrid Black Ogre...... The VIP rooms are variously places for corrupt merchants or places to keep booty safe etc... Depends on the amount of booty they've taken to sell or the visitors for Gamarra. Inside the market the visitors have some safety from the ogres without.

    (The PDF has a little bit of writing.)

    (btw. what Dragon did the outline come from? )
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    Ooh! Stinging insects. I like that, Midgardsormr. I haven't run this yet, so that might make for an interesting hazard/natural trap. Great idea. Thanks!

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

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    Thanks, RobA. I had a "wall damage" layer, but there just wasn't enough contrast there to see the damage apart from the stone block. So, I increased the contrast of the damage layer and also made the wall and damage layer more closely match the shade and tone of the rubble, desaturating the greenish color there previously. I updated the image in my original post based on the feedback. Good call!

    Sounds like a great use for it. Very different from my intended use and yet still perfectly valid. I chose to use a transparent background for the stronghold because it makes the map flexible in that it can be dropped into any number of different environments or adventures depending on need. I had originally intended to use this map as a base of operations for the PCs and the expedition company they're with and expected to be able to swap out backgrounds to account for different seasons. I've changed my mind about the campaign and I'm going in a completely different direction, but I now plan to use this map in a different way.

    This map design came from an adventure titled "Citadel by the Sea" in the October 1983 issue of Dragon - I have the Archive CDs which still offer a lot of great material, regardless of the incarnation of D&D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DE4DF4LL View Post
    and expected to be able to swap out backgrounds to account for different seasons.
    Cool idea! I'll have to remember that one.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    This map design came from an adventure titled "Citadel by the Sea" in the October 1983 issue of Dragon - I have the Archive CDs which still offer a lot of great material, regardless of the incarnation of D&D.
    '83 was a golden time for roleplaying. There were 3 or 4 games stores in Toronto. 007 was a going concern. Chaosium Runequest was big. I think Powers and Perils had just come out....

    I looked up the issue. Typical, with the building perched on a cliff they nonetheless dig 2 lower levels and only one above ground. Now I ask you, is that any way to treat a fragile cliff face!

    You know that nobody in the industry has ever actually tried to dig an extended 'dungeon' through solid rock.

    Thanks for the excuse to go rooting through old magazines.

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