Like the thousands who came before me I've decided to do a set of tiles that can be laid down to form a larger battlemap. I'm going for intermediate scale, neither a full map, nor one where you need to lay out a large number of pieces for every single encounter. I have several questions that I'm seeking opinions on:
1. Grids- Dark, light, none at all? What do you find the most useful?
2. Scale- I have it set at about 5 ft. squares, so the whole thing is around 50' across. Does that seem desirable?
3. Overall Appearance- is this generally attractive or does some major element of it annoy you?

The white and the gridless one have been shifted so you can see how the tiling will look (this is just a test so the stream doesn't line up with anything) and the black gridded one left in normal position. These are about 50% the size of the originals which are perhaps overly detailed. I'm hoping the scale will allow me to include things such as small to medium buildings and the like. This first set will be for forest style encounters if it works out.

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