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Thread: My first map for public consumption

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    Map My first map for public consumption

    I've always loved drawing maps, but since they were always meant for my own reference (for D&D campaigns and the like), I was always more interested in making them functional than "pretty".

    This is the first time I've worked on a map that I intended other people to actually look at -- some friends and I just started a little online collaborative writing/freeform RPG project and I volunteered to handle mapping duty.

    This is very much a WIP; since we're doing most of our worldbuilding on the fly, I'll be adding features to the map as people invent them in their story posts.
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    Pretty nice. I especially like the color scheme. The fonts work pretty well too. Nothing I would change so I grant thee a "Nice Job".
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    Post Nice map!

    Nice first post - welcome to the Guild! (unless you've been a lurker)

    Posting a map with your first post is always a very cool thing, and nice job too. I'm in agreeance with Ascension all the way! Have some REP.

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    I'll throw in my agreement with Ascension & GP - nice job and a first post with a map always deserves a little thrashing with my cudgel of repping.

    I dub thee newly repped *bonk*
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    It seems a lotr map for me, I liked a lot.

    deserves some prestige(REP+)

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    Looking good! nice colour scheme. welcome to the guild.

    thanks for showing. looking forward to seeing more!


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    This is a very good looking map. I like the simplicity in design, and the overall color scheme and style. Keep it up!

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    Awesome, functionality over design, yet still looks nice! I'ld like to see it progress, so whenever you add more to it, be sure to keep us updated!


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    Thank you for the kind words, everyone. I'll be sure to keep updating as new stuff gets added.

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