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Thread: District of Milhet | by novaTOPO

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    Wip District of Milhet | by novaTOPO

    (I hope that it is okay to post my map in this forum.)

    This is the map of the district of Milhet, part of the Republic of Dionysos (Virtual Nation).
    It´s made by Inkscape, the shaded-relief is an pixel-based inlay made by PS.
    Hope you like it.


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    That is an amazing map, I really like it a lot. It's very nicely done, seems very realistic.

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    Thank you.
    The most of the Virtual Nations simulate modern-time states, so my focus is on creating realistic-styled maps.

    I like the fantasy-style very much, but perhaps my realistic-style could be part of this community of great map-artists.

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    Outstanding! Very nice indeed.
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    Very nice indeed...
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    Wow thats some really fine artwork there. A really great map. Theres a few strange bits with the rivers but pretty minor.

    I have a strange compulsion to book up a holiday, fly to Klauth and go diving in the nearby lake too

    We have a few members who do Atlas style mapping. HandsomeRobs are particularly nice too.
    he did a walk through of his technique here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrobes View Post
    I have a strange compulsion to book up a holiday, fly to Klauth and go diving in the nearby lake too
    That would be lake Klitoris? An interesting name.

    It's a cool map, very realistic style.
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    That is one beautiful map. Fantastic job. Very crisp and clean.

    I really like how you achieved the relief features. Very cool
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    Clean, crisp and very beautiful. A really professional product - super work, Ruedy. Tell me, how do you decide where to put the shadows on the mountains? I expect that the shadows are independent shapes?

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