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Thread: Gimp rotating brushes in development

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    Post Gimp rotating brushes in development

    From the gimp-devel mailing list:

    For those of you who don'tṫ follow trunk closely or the irc channel, I can't resist the urge to tell that Alexia Death and Mich have been working on brush dynamics over the last few days - and have thus far added brush rotation. It now works both as a fixed factor and following painting direction.
    (as any brand new feature, it still buggy and error prone, but they are actively fixing everything)

    -Rob A>

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    That's really exciting.


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    That is fantastic news. Thanks for the information.

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    I wonder what other brush dynamics they might be working on?

    I was just thinking how it would be awesome if, using the stroke selection feature in GIMP, I could use the smudge brush to stroke away from the selection, with a bit of jitter. Right now... I don't know if it can do that (I'm thinking no, based on my previous use of the Stroke selection feature...)

    Anyway, still very cool, and I can definitely see some use for this. Hope they get the bugs worked out.
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    Awesome news! Sounds nice and something long overdue...

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