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    Post GIMP Script: hexGIMP

    This script creates a set of layers and an image grid suitable for making TSR-style wilderness hex maps with brushes derived from AKS Hex Mapper tiles.

    Tiles are not included, but the distribution contains a Linux shell script which can convert AKS Hex Mapper tiles to GIMP brushes; you must obtain your own copy of AKS Hex Mapper*. The conversion script requires ImageMagick and GIMP.

    Obviously this will be most useful to Linux users (AKS is Windows-only, and Windows users may as well just use that). The interface is simple: tiles are placed by selecting a terrain or city brush and clicking inside hexes; rivers, roads, and political borders are drawn by hand. An image grid makes tile placement easy, and multiple layers keep everything separated for ease of editing and to ensure correct appearance (for example, roads will automatically go under hex grid lines and over rivers).

    Attached is hexGIMP 0.0.1 and a small example map I made with it in only a couple of minutes.

    Feedback is most welcome.

    * Or grab the brushes from this thread (and see disclaimer there).
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