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    Post Gimp Script: Hex Grid

    This post asked about drawing hex grids in Gimp.

    I posted a quick and dirty hex script there, but have cleaned it up and added more features.

    I shows up as Filters->Render->Pattern->Hex Grid... (which is the same sub-menu as the existing grid script).

    This script works on the current layer/drawable to be consistent with the way the normal grid plugin works.

    Here is the dialog:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hexdialog.jpg 
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    The options are:

    Element to Specify - is either the length of one side, the distance from point to point (equals the horizontal center to center in a horizontal oriented hex grid) or side to side (equals the vertical center to center in a horizontal oriented hex grid).
    Length of Element - the length in pixels of the above item.
    Hex Orientation - Horizontal or Vertical
    Line width - the width of the stroke
    Horizontal and Vertical offsets - when zero the first grid is tight in the upper left hand corner, with the stroke half off the edge. So for example, if you set it to a 1 pixel line width, you might want to change the corresponding offset to 0.5 so the lines are drawn lined up with the pixels and don't get aliased.
    Color - colour of the hex grid, spelling the American way

    Just a note that the grid dimensions and offsets are always to the center of the lines, so if you run the script again with a different colour and a thinner line width you can get some neat effects:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hex.jpg 
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    Hope this is useful. Suggestions on improvements or general comments and criticisms welcome.

    -Rob A>
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