While I know that Plotstorming.com is one of the Fantaseum Alliance sites, I feel that that site is rather dead. In fact at the moment there's been a complete change in their forum, almost a new forum and I don't really see the former member population at all - as if its a completely new site.

In general I still find that site, mostly dead.

In my Kaidan project with Dementia5.com website where I'm doing the project as a collaborative publication, the admin mentioned how the D5 forum has plenty of artists and cartographers, but other than himself, no available writers. He asked me to recruit some writers for him.

First I checked with Plotstorming.com - like I said, mostly dead, and little response. So I did a search online and found Fantasy Writers which turns out to be a great and active site like our own here at the CG.

They have about 4,000 members and like here, if you post an intriguing question, you'll get at least one answer within the hour.

Plus they had a bunch of "how do I make a map" type threads in their world creation board, and spent the day answering all of them.

If any members here are looking for an active fantasy writing community, I think fantasy-writers is a great site.

Plus in my recruitment effort of the D5 boards, I've got four authors signed up ready to help generate the literal portion of my Kaidan project.

Something to check out anyway!