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    Post Calligraphic Map Symbols

    EDIT 4/8/2014: IMPORTANT!
    These brushes were initially released under a noncommercial license; they are now free for any use -- including commercial works -- with the sole condition that you give credit where credit is due when convenient. If you use these and post the art here or on a website like deviantART, just mention somewhere in your description where you got the brushes so that someone else can use them if they like them. That's all I ask! Thank you for all your support. <3

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

    Mostly map icons drawn by yours truly in Photoshop, but this set of brushes also includes most of the other brushes I use.

    These are all drawn by mouse with a 7 pixel flat calligraphy brush (though some of them have had a pixel or two shaved off....)

    Thank you for all the compliments! Please enjoy!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	brushes-preview.png 
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Size:	331.0 KB 
ID:	21880

    --7 of each: trees, pine trees, marsh grass, round hills, and sharp hills
    --9 rainforest-style trees
    --4 jungle plants
    --3 of each: forest, pine forest, mixed forest, marsh, and swamp "blocks" (based on this wonderful tutorial)
    --10 town/city markers
    --sea dragon
    --compass rose
    --large and small "falling stars"
    --flat 7 pixel calligraphy brush (from Photoshop's Calligraphic Brushes)
    --round brushes of various sizes
    --drippy water brush (from Photoshop's Wet Media Brushes)
    --watercolor textured surface brush (from Photoshop's Wet Media Brushes)
    --watercolor textured surface brush with color jitter
    --jagged-edged brush that I used for the trees and roads in Fellwick
    --a "wooden planks" sort of texture that is based on Ascension's thatching brush in this thread.
    --dashed line brush (square 16 pixels, 35% roundness, 135% spacing, angle jitter: direction) *this has been fixed*
    --dotted line brush (round 7 pixels, 170% spacing)
    --squished dotted line brush (elliptical 16 pixels, 35% roundness, 350% spacing, angle jitter: direction)
    --three logo brushes (feel free to delete these - they are there for my own sake, so I don't lose them)


    Edit 1: Uploaded the brushes. Thanks for all the kind responses. I forgot, there's also the "Watercolor Textured Surface" brush from Photoshop's Wet Media Brushes, and a brush called "Dual Color Texture" which is the same brush, but with foreground/background color jitter. (I use them for coloring and making textures like the example here.) My logo's in there too, just for my own sake, but you probably don't want that. You can feel free to get rid of it.

    Edit 2: Added to and uploaded more brushes. Please delete the logo brush that came with the previous set (if you haven't already) as it is outdated and was (accidentally) made with a font that I did not have permission to edit. (I actually fixed that months ago, but apparently I forgot to save the correct logo into the set of brushes I'd been using. I've fixed it now, but please delete it if you still have a copy.) I'll upload a picture of the new brushes, but I wanted to fix that error as soon as possible. (uploaded)

    Edit 3: So sorry! The brushes have been fixed now! Evidently I'm having problems saving over a brush set with the same name. Mostly, I'm sorry I took so long to fix it! It should work fine now. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll fix it right away. (Fixed, finally!!)

    Edit 4: Added a number of brushes that I used on my Fellwick map, as well as the long-lost jungle brushes from my map of Shalyeun. I also organized them. Feel free to delete the (undoubtedly annoying) organizer brushes, and as always, my logos. Those are there for my sake, so I can keep track of things, heh. (Especially after I've remade this brush set five times because of various computer issues. It's nice to have it immortalized on the internet.)
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