So on a whim I installed FreeBSD and tried to dual boot it with my windows install. I ended up with a functioning BSD install and a dead windows. After a ridiculously long ridiculous set of ridiculous events where, ridiculously enough, everything goes wrong at every step, I managed to get my computer up and running with windows again in the short short timespan of a week and a half, but not before nuking my drive and reinstalling windows (thrice).

Not a big deal because I don't keep anything important on OS drives anyway, just in case something like this happens. Except I totally failed to realize I had installed Photoshop on that same drive. Which is where it saves all the things you make within the program by default. Meaning all my patterns, color swatches et cetera are all gone.

Oy shoot me now.

And while I'm rambling, is there a preferred medium for publishing guides here? Like do people prefer they be in PDFs or whatever?