Hiya everyone!!!

My name is Jeffrey Quinn and I'm a freelance game designer and novice cartographer. "Novice cartographer" may be a bit lofty... "map dabbler" is far more appropriate. Though I have many published writing and design credits (everything from Thunderhead Games and Mystic Eye Games to Wizards of the Coast and Swords & Sorcery Studios), I have only a single (albeit, embarrassing) published cartography credit in Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Campaign Setting (produced by Zeitgeist Games, published by Goodman Games).

I love the "old school" feeling maps... but some of the newer overland/continent maps I've seen are beginning to win my old heart over. I use Dunjinni, Photoshop, Corel, zMapper, and Dungeon Crafter. I'll pretty much use any graphicor cartography program out there (my first forays into cartograhy was a very long time ago when I bought Campaign Cartographer through the mail from an ad in Dungeon magazine in the early 90s).

I'm looking forward to advancing my abilities, learning from the tutorials, and making new friends and contacts.