Hey all, I didn't see any guidelines on what to post here, so forgive me while I maunder for a bit.

I found this site while doing a google search for a way to turn an equirectangular map into an equal area map. This site suggested Hugin, which turns out to be perfect for my needs. From my equirectangular map I've created the map at ( http://www.monticello21st.com/rpg/nf...dex.php/Settin ). The scale is 12 km per pixel, the lowest latitude line is the equator of this world, and the map key is ( http://www.monticello21st.com/rpg/nf...x.php/Map_Keys ). I'm probably going to go with the idea that this world is hotter on average than our earth.

I edit my equirectangular map in GIMP (with the grid lines on a separate layer), and use Hugin to get the portions I want in an equal-area projection. I'm still playing around with general placement of world-keyed features, but once that's done I'll import the equal-area maps into AutoRealm for prettification for the areas I need. I also use the Roleplaying City Map Generator 5.0 for generating cities on occasion.

I'm 45 years old and have had world-creation as a hobby for quite some time. I've always been dissatisfied with maps in the past, so I haven't done much with them. I don't care much for forums, preferring mailing lists and wikis, but hopefully I can get some useful information off this one.

If anyone knows where I could find an equirectangular projection of our earth just showing continent outlines ( national/state boundaries are OK, but grid lines are not ) please let me know. Since most people don't know how to read maps, a faded overlay corresponding to a part of our world can make lots of things clear.