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    Post Hand-drawn map elements

    I had a request for some of the elements I used in my maps so I thought I would post them here for anyone who so desires.
    I will also add more brushes as and when I have a need for them. But for now, here are the brushes I used on Aronbor here and a bunch of others I have created since.

    As well as the tree pack I've also now split the markers into two different brush packs as I want to keep them as uncluttered as possible. So the shaded icons are in one pack and if you want to shade yourself there's an outlined brush pack instead.

    Here's an image that shows all the brushes that are currently in the three packs...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Markers_Current.jpg 
Views:	19374 
Size:	1.07 MB 
ID:	19487

    Note that all of the above brushes are at their actual size except the castles and trees which have been shrunk quite a lot to keep the image size down.

    Here's a layer I made to aid me doing quick forests. I've had to crop it down to fit the filesize requirements of this forum, which is a shame although it's still a big file. (The original is the same size as my current maps, so 3704 * 4400). It's not perfect, there's some banding on it when zoomed out (as can be seen on the thumbnail) but it's nothing too bad. To use it, just add a layer mask to hide it, then paint where your forest need to be and then go around the edges and paint out any unwanted trees.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Full_forest.png 
Views:	4170 
Size:	4.49 MB 
ID:	19006

    I also have a layer with the shadows I use between the trees but this is easy enough to do from scratch.
    I got sidetracked from re-doing my smaller multi-tree forest brushes but I will sort them out one day and will post them up once I'm happy with them.

    For the mountains and hills, check out Vhailor27's brushes that were reverse-engineered from the mountains on my Aronbor map here.

    Any brushes posted here are free to use for whatever purpose you so desire. A little mention for credit would be nice though.
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