Hi everybody

I am working on a physical map, just like in an atlas, under inkscape.
I am in need of a kind of color set, a "scale" of colors representing the different altitudes, from low oceans to mountain top. I always have a hard time trying to find nice colors that go together well, so that's why I'm asking for help.
Here are my actual layers, even if I could manage to change them if needed, as it is very early in the project.
0-100 meters
100-300 meters
300-500 meters
500-1000 meters

I theory I need a color for each layer, going from green to brown-orange, plus a couple colors for the oceans. And a color for coastline/rivers would be nice too.
Does anybody have something like that laying on his hard drive? Or on the web? Even on this forum?

See i'm so poor in colors that I tried to scan a scale from an atlas i have at home. Bu my scanner can't render it precisely enough.
I'm working with a set of colors I picked up on a small physical map on the web, but the result is not satisfacting to me.

Thanks a lot!