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    Default Python-fu and Gimp

    Okay, here is the Situation...

    Work has had the grace to start teaching me Python scripting. So, being me, I naturally started to think about trying what I have learned so far (not much) with Gimp. Which led me to download Python 2.6.5 for windows.

    now the Problem....

    I looked up in the documentation about how to bring up the Python Console but Python-fu is not in the Filter menu. Thinking that I did not have the Python module installed I went to the site and tried to download said module. I only found the Gimp download page so I thought that it was an option during the install. I downloaded the installer but there were no such option, and Python-fu is still not on the list. Thinking that the menu name change was one of the things that were forgotten between versions, I rechecked the docs, and they have both Script-fu and Python-fu above that.

    The Question...

    How does one get to the Python Module Download page, or is it already installed in my Gimp? And if so where is it?

    EDIT: Follow-up

    ok, So I found Sagenlicht's little tut on how to install the python in gimp here, and followed the instructions as best as I could. Some of the files were newer builds than the ones mentioned there, but I thought it would be better to have the newer ones. Might be wrong there because even after going through step by step at least twice, no joy my way. Just what am I doing wrong?!?!
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