• OldGuy's Tutorial on Creating Realistic Coastlines

    Our latest award winning tutorial is by OldGuy, showing how to roughen up coastlines and make them more realistic.
    This joins a number of tutorials for randomizing coastlines, provide a simple, quick method that produces some fine results. Check it out and give OldGuy a hand!
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    1. OldGuy's Avatar
      OldGuy -

      Thank you everyone that voted for me.

    1. Diamond's Avatar
      Diamond -
      That's a handy tut.
    1. kael.stormseeker's Avatar
      kael.stormseeker -
      OldGuy, this is Terrific!
      Great effects, simple, easy and Fun!!!!

      Pretty handy!
    1. peanut's Avatar
      peanut -
      Thank you for the help. What version of Photoshop do you use also what type of tablet interface do use?
    1. JHazen's Avatar
      JHazen -
      Because I havent posted this before. Excellent tutorial
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      Antonymph -
      Good tutorial!
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      mssandhu -
      As you know, this tutorial has been nicely adapted for GIMP. See:- GIMP Method
      RobA (at Cartographer’s Guild) converted this process to work with the GIMP, and I repeat the steps, as well as giving an additional step that some may find useful. RobA's steps are as follows:

      •Filter | Noise | HSV Noise (Boldness 1, Hue 0, Sat 0, Value 255).
      •Edit | Fade (Darken Only)
      •Filter | Blur |Gaussian Blur (2 or adjust to taste). *(1 will create very fine distressing and the larger the blur, the larger the effect)
      •Colors | Threshold (adjust to taste). *(I found 160 is a good start, up to 185 for a glacier coastline)
      •Fuzzy Select Tool (Threshold 0), click in black surrounding area.
      •Ctrl-I to invert the selection
      •Fill with White.

      MY MODIFICATION (in GIMP 2.:- In the last step, before filling in with white, I did SELECT > DISTORT so as to distress the shoreline even further.