• The Lands of Sinisteria by Djekspek

    Djekspek has been our most successful cartographer these past many months. He won four straight challenges and has a slew of commissions now. This is one of his first efforts and spotlights his hand-drawn ISO-perspective style.

    The Finished Map can be viewed here and the WIP thread can be viewed here.
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    1. Diamond's Avatar
      Diamond -
      I agree with my esteemed colleagues. Nice work.
    1. arsheesh's Avatar
      arsheesh -
      Way to go! This is a beautiful and an inspirational piece.

    1. Meridok's Avatar
      Meridok -
      This is stunning! Great job and congratz!
    1. TheSilentOne's Avatar
      TheSilentOne -
      trully sinister. you've got awesome skills man
    1. Ganymede's Avatar
      Ganymede -
      Hello djekspek!

      A friend of mine and I are really big fans of this particular map, and have started writing a little history/mythos report on it. It's fleshing out pretty well, and we even have a constantly improving rudimentary Sinisterian language! (The Midworld Peaks translates to Prelaa-Myindew. It's pretty cool!)

      Anyway, I joined very very recently, and am as such not able to send you PMs, but we are really interested in the potential of both this map and the project on the whole. (We may even have a little space for a website carved out!) If you are interested in getting on board with this, or simply want to see what we have so far, feel free to send me an e-mail at walpolebroncoweatherworth@yahoo.com.

      Keep up the great work!

    1. ZeroPoint's Avatar
      ZeroPoint -
      Absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail really pays off. I could just stare at this map and imagine what you might find if you were to explore the lands of Sinisteria. I might not ever be this good, but I sure can appreciate a work of art!
    1. reaphsharc's Avatar
      reaphsharc -
      Massively impressive!
    1. everydayj's Avatar
      everydayj -
      Truly sick, in the best way possible. Just amazing, man.
    1. K'Junior's Avatar
      K'Junior -
      Do you use wich program?

      Sorry for the bad english =/
    1. Lord Kev's Avatar
      Lord Kev -
      Good work. A nice map.
    1. mapposer's Avatar
      mapposer -
      Really, really cool and fun. A fantasy map that sparks the fantasy imagination!