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    Review: Never let it be said that open source drawing programs are inferior to their paid for equivalents. The scale, detail and colour choices of Veuxin's map are magnificent. The end result is quite stunning and original and shows just how multi-skilled the author of this map is. The number of applications used tells of the author's dedication to create an end result he was happy with. The artistic merit of the map is pure talent of conceiving a result in the mind's eye and realising it to exacting standards.

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    Veuxin says:
    This is a map I have worked on for quite some time now, since somewhen in 2007, I think. It's for a German micronation called "Kaiserreich Drachenstein" (Empire of Drakestrin) and since the setting for that micronation is some weird fantasy remix, the map is held in a late-nineteenth-century-style. Used tools are Inkscape and Gimp (the latter for the relief shading), used font is mainly Linux Libertine (which I simply adore).
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      wow......... simply wow!
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      I concur. Missed this one when it was first posted.


      -Rob A>
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      Absolutely stunning!!!

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      Ouch... just fabulous...
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      There are some stunning maps on this Forum and this one is right there up with the very best of them.
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      Holy awesome, batman!
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      Comme quoi, Gimp est un logiciel qui n'a pas ŕ rougir face ŕ photoshop.
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      Open Source ftw! Very well done!