• October Challenge - They Draw and Travel

    This month we're running a challenge with a slight twist. There's a great site called They Draw and Travel that features maps of locations around the world. The maps range from highly detailed to very abstract. They nominally focus on real locations, but a quick flick through the maps on there shows that the range of what's allowed is very broad. The one thing that's true of all the maps:

    None of them are from the Guild!

    This month's challenge is to create a map in the format of a They Draw and Travel map. Whether you decide to submit your map at the end is entirely your choice. If you'd rather stick to the format, but draw a totally fictional location, you are welcome to do so.

    Please see the posting in the Challenge Forum for the details.

    This challenge will end on the 26th of October, with voting running until the 31st. Good luck everyone!
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