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    Post Greetings!

    Hello everyone!

    I came across this forum&guild via an E-Zine hosting a link. I can't really draw all that well, at least not in a style I find worth showing to others. I'm a sketcher, at best, but what I like to do is just look at empty maps and dream up the plot, locations, and other things.
    So I love to admire good work, and as a first quick survey showed me, there's lot's of that here.

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    Well welcome to the Guild Baziron and feel free to continue to look around and ask questions or make comments. We are all very friendly here and take constructive criticism as it is intended and try to perfect what we do. Welcome!
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    Welcome. There are a lot of 'empty' maps about here. I know I have a great many maps here, feel free to grab any that pique your interest.
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    Welcome, Baziron!
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    Baziron! I like the name. It has a ring to it.
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    Welcome from one Noob to another!

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    Welcome, Baziron! This is the place that can teach you to draw a map if ever there is to be one, so don't be afraid to scan in & post up one of your sketches then try to make it better!

    Once again, welcome!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. If I get my hands on a working scanner, I could actually try to post some of the things I drew. Will have to see to that.

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