I've seen the threads, from years ago with "We've started taking donations" and "we need to sell ads" and etc.

I actually think the way it's all handled here is fairly tasteful... I barely notice the ads, and there's nothing screaming "GIVE ME UR MONIES" which is great...

but there also isn't much information on how it all works, and since I'm nosy, I thought I'd ask!

I have lots of questions... stuff that's usually screamed at you on other sites, but I can't seem to find the answers here.


1) The amount needed for the year in the banner on the front page:

Is that what the site needs to run for a year in total, or the cost of running the site AFTER the ad revenue?

If the former, does the "amount received" include ad revenues?

2) What options are there for donating? All I see when I click the donate link is a link to PayPal, and I don't (and probably never will) have a paypal account. Is there still a way for me to donate to the upkeep of the site? One of the old threads said something about exploring other options, but nothing was ever said about it after that?

3) The "gracious donor" bar under avatar.. is that for any donations? or just a certain amount? or for yearly contributers? Curious D:

4) Does donating affect the number/type of ads on the page?

5) Does the site get paid "per click" on the ads, or a flat rate for the space?

6) Does anyone other than the site... owner? Administrator? have access to the payment information? Cause we had a guy leave another site once a few years back in a rage and pretty much take everything x.x so yeh.. what level of privacy when donating?

None of this is really a big deal, I guess, but I like to know details before I open my purse