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Thread: A GIMP script and plug-in overview

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    Post A GIMP script and plug-in overview

    I thought that it would be a nice idea to have an overview over all scripts and plug-ins we posted here on CG.

    Makes it easier to find them

    I'll try to keep this threat up to date, just drop me a pm or post here if one script/plug-in is missing in my list

    isomage's scripts for GIMP
    * Random cave generator
    Generates random caves in GIMP, Designed to use in conjuction with RobA's Subterrainian Map Prettier Script (Link below)

    * Selection area finder
    Find the perimeter of the current selection in pixels and the area as a percentage of the total image area

    RobA's scripts for GIMP
    * Rotation Brush
    Creates a rotating brush.

    * Gradient from Image
    Creates a gradient from an image

    * Mosaik Tile Helper
    Play around with mosaiks

    * Random Density Map
    Randomly fills an area with a brush.

    * Subterrainian Map Prettier Script
    Create nice battlemaps and dungeons

    * Tapered Stroke Path
    Creates tapered rivers

    * Random rotate floating layer
    Randomly rotates a layer

    * Batch convert to Pattern
    Convert a directory of images into patterns for GIMP

    * Better Seamless Tiles
    Makes a tile seamless

    * Tile Shuffle
    Randomly shuffles tiles. Tile size can be set.

    * Scale Pattern
    Resizes current pattern and copies it to the clipboard.

    sambrookjm Scripts
    * Compass rose script

    Sagenlicht GIMP Plug-ins
    * GURM
    GIMP Unified Resource Manager

    * Render a planet or moon
    Renders a planet or moon

    * Create starfield
    Creates a starfield

    * Creating torn old paper
    Creates torn old paper. Based on a tutorial by RobA

    Recommended scripts/plug-ins from other sites
    * Layerfx
    The Layerfx script is a great script that is adding following layer effects:
    Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Satin,
    Color Overlay, Gradient Overlay, Pattern Overlay and Stroke.

    How do you install those scripts?
    If you have a .scm file (called script-fu) just copy it to your scripts folder, usually found at "Documents ans Settings\<Your Username>\>Your GIMP Version>\scripts".

    For .py files (python plug-ins called python-fu) please take a look here.
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    My Map Challenge Entries

    I use GIMP for all my maps.

    GIMP scripts and plug-ins overview

    Everything I post on this site uses the Creative Common Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. Only exception to this are any pyhton scripts which use the GPL.

    If you are using any of my posted stuff just use your rep stick on me

    Should you be interested in using anything I posted on commercial purpose drop me a pm.

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