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    Right now I'm looking for an answer only slightly more than yes/no (exploring technical aspects at present will quickly overreach my comprehension level of the topic), but I haven't encountered any examples of someone doing so. Is there any way to embed links (or other info) into maps, preferably with non-commercial/open source type tools, that aren't more trouble than it's worth or make the files too big/absurdly slow to load? I'm thinking along the lines of tags and pins that open a small box (usually to get directions) in common Google Maps uses, primarily to move quickly to relevant info pages/headings within a setting wiki.

    I'm guessing a clickable box, which could be edited later for specific applications/web locations, would be the most flexible and useful since link syntax, etc. can vary. Function would probably vary with scale, e.g., world and regional maps would most likely link to nation or city descriptions as well as smaller maps, while more local (cities, adventure maps and encounter areas and the like) linking to, or simply displaying directly, map key information.

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    worth looking at them all but post #8 movie is the one you will find most interesting. Thats about putting web links down onto a map. Those web links can be to a wiki of course which is how most people use them.

    Its very easy to do but unfortunately this app isnt free.

    For free then Google Maps can do it but its a pain to set up and tag links into. Google Earth is also free and must be able to do it but I dont know how or how easy. You can look at WorldWind which also must be able to do it too though again I haven't so don't know how hard.

    Another option is to make a web page and put down links onto the image. They are called "image maps" and you will need to edit the html code to put them in. For what you want tho you would get out an image editor look at the image coords for the map where you want the link and put in some pretty standard code in to make the hot spot there. Still, thats not completely without hassle but is the most "open source" of all the ways I know. Oh yes, and you will need to add an image tack to it too because image maps are invisible.

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    The biggest question is whether you need a map that can be zoomed or panned?

    IF the answer is NO, then image maps might be your best bet (assuming a web environment).

    If you are not looking for a web based solution then something like open office impress supports hyperlinks to change pages which may be all you need.

    otherwise flash might be a good options for you.

    As RedRobes suggests, you can create a google earth kmz file containing a world map overlay and all sorts of other stuff, images, details, etc with pins, icons, labels, etc, but again, this is not really an on line option.

    -Rob A>

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    Cool - I'll look at some of these. For a map in a wiki, whatever will let me add web links should work as well for an internal link to a different page in the same wiki. I would still probably need to zoom/pan the images. I don't necessarily need it as on-line - browser based software is available to build a wiki entirely off-line, which may still be a good way to distribute a lot of the setting material. On-line is simply how I've been doing it so far - specifically in the CBG wiki for development and on Obsidian Portal for a players' reference version with all the GM only spoiler material edited out. I don't know if the wiki software would make any difference from other, truly web-based only applications. I haven't really explored options for creating a web page, even though it can be a great presentation medium for a campaign, simply because it requires technical knowledge/skills I just don't want (much less have time) to develop these days. (If someone playing in the campaign ever wants to tackle the nuts and bolts of that, I'd consider putting the time and effort into the project.) Just to clarify my technical know-how here: the last time I wrote any (and only very short) macro/script/batch code I was still working in Novel DOS on a 486 laptop. . .

    For offline stuff the Google Earth option will probably be the best. You may recall, Rob, showing me how to make the kmz overlay from the 2 polar projections some time back. I haven't yet tackled the problems of redoing the initial map pair more neatly and fully - once I do I'll be making a new overlay to play with. Those circumpolar continents just won't let me use any other projection than spherical for any significantly large map scales. GE though is ubiquitous, so distributing map data and updates to players will be a very simple matter and has a lot of potential for some really cool uses of the application.

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