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Thread: Recommended plugins for Photoshop CS3?

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    Post Recommended plugins for Photoshop CS3?


    I've been searching in google about plugins in photoshop, and I found a lot of things, in fact too much for me, and I don't like installing unnecessary things in the program.

    I would like to ask you what plugins you think are imprescindible for you, specially if they are free.

    For example, in the other thread I opened someone mentioned a plugin to scale the clouds, that's for me would be quite useful.

    Thanks in advance for your answers

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    I have yet to find any plugins that are indispensable for mapping with Photoshop. I try to do all of my stuff with the vanilla stuff that comes with it. Having said that, I do have many but rarely use them for mapping. I have Eye Candy 4000 that has some 20+ filters and Xenofex 1.1 which has around 16 filters. Both of these cost money, what follows are some freebies that I have: Digimarc embeds watermarks, Lunar Cell is supposed to be for planets but I've never used it, Julia World is a fractal generator, NVIDIA NormalMapFilter I never figured out, Redfield has around 9 things that I've never played with, Richard Rosenman has about a dozen things that I've never played with, and lastly 2 things I never knew I had...something called Synthetic and something called Transparency. Most of these are good for patterns and textures and font effects but since I almost never use them I can say that ya don't really need them unless you want to play around with new things to help inspire ya.
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    What's really good for all kinds of stuff is "Filter Forge". I always use the Trial Version, which is good for 30 days. With that you are able to download all user created filters and you have only to make up your mind, which ones are usefull for you.

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