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    Well, as i said lots of time before, i´m a begginer. I have just downloaded the Gimp to use as my tool map. Here my first problem: I create a new Layer, and then use the "Free Selection Tool" to make some draws. When i click again to do a draw in another place(but in that page) everything becomes white, and i see it is in another layer (another on the Undo History). I want to draw just in the first layer! How i do that?

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    The selection tool doesn't draw anything. It just allows you to select parts of the picture.

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    You don't want the undo tab. That shows your undo history. In that dialog, select the layers tab. That will show your layer (only one until you explicitly create a new one).

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    Tatutoy, use the pencil or paintbrush tools to draw.
    As standard, you should have 3 windows open - a toolbox on the left of your drawing and a layers and brushes window on the right.
    Click on the pencil tool (left window), then choose the size of the mark from the shapes at the bottom of the right window.
    The top half of the right window should show your layer stack, so check that you have only one.

    Hope that helps.
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